Lotus Flower

So I have a blog, now what?

Technically, I signed up for my WordPress.com account three years ago but did absolutely nothing with it. I let the poor thing languish with absolutely no attention whatsoever. Two weeks ago, I was inspired and finally started to pay attention to my neglected little blog. I have found some challenges to partake of and discovered other blogs to follow.  I have read and viewed some amazing things that have touched me in different ways.

Ironically, I am not new to WordPress or blogging, but I guess I was never very good at it.  I initially started a blog many years ago as a portfolio to display some digital art.  I believe my first blog was over on Blogger and then I moved over to a self-hosted blog using Moveable Type.  I still have an old self-hosted WordPress.org blog languishing from disuse.

I went and visited my sad little blog the other day and I realized why it’s sitting, shivering in the cold, abandoned. My posts were all over the place and there was not a lot of focus.  I lost track of why I started it in the first place and I lost the will to post anything at all.

Honestly I think that a large part of that was due to the types of comments I was getting.  Nothing is more discouraging than tons of splog links or self-serving comments.  I lost the focus of why I started the blog and kept trying to find something to post that would generate some decent comments.

I just reread that last sentence and it sounds rather shallow, but isn’t that why I’m here?  Not to stroke my ego per say, but to start conversations, to foster connections with other people, to find a virtual community to hang out in and to share with.

This is the first long post that I am writing, and it is a little nerve-wracking.  I have to say that I am an avid reader and much of what I consume is of the digital variety.  That said the quality and tone of the many of the comments I’ve seen on the web is rather abhorrent.  When did common decency go out of style, is it all because people feel safe hiding behind their keyboards?

Since I published my first post here, I have had plenty of inspiration for new posts.  Clicking on “Reader” gave me a number of blogs to discover in one place.  I have found photo challenges to participate in that were right up my alley.  I have followed and have followers, I have comments and have commented.  I have found the people I interact with to be pleasant and inspiring.  I try to think and reflect before I comment on the writing of others so that I can give feedback that is thoughtful and contributes to a conversation.

In short, my blogging experience this time around is totally different so far.  I am working on the series of posts for my “Road Trip” entries.  I am not rushing them because I want to take my time to craft posts that if I came across them, I would like to read them myself.

I’m eventually going to move my digital art work over here and place it a portfolio.  I’m not going to recycle old posts, but I will keep an archive of what I’ve done in the past.  I may even move this blog over to my own domain eventually.

Wow, that was a lot of words, hopefully I have found my voice and will not be intimidated into keeping silent.

I’m still not sure where this blog will take me, but I think this time I’m going to enjoy the journey.


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